• Ça fait longtemps que je ne t'ai pas vu

‘Ça fait longtemps que je ne t'ai pas vu’

One week workshop held at the University of Toulouse le Mirail with students from the Arts Appliqués course. Every participant was asked to invent a new ritual and at the end of the workshop a small exhibition was organized in the main hall of the University, on top of a display system designed by the students.

We don't have many examples of designers arriving to a destructive ecstasy while performing their work. Nevertheless, there is something to take into consideration whilst watching Jimmy Hendrix or Kurt Cobain smashing their electric guitar. It makes us think about the value of their practice, the role of the instrument they are performing with, and more important, a moment when the instrument is destroyed in order to continue the performance. Using this example as a metaphor, I would like to engage students to design a new ritual, not for the object or the ritual itself, not to build something because it is going to be useful, or beautiful or practical. But because it is going to help them think about what they do. This thinking process, is done in collaboration with the rest of the students and throughout a trial and error activity. At the end of this  process, the object can be even destroyed or disappear, but the chain of thoughts and the communication with the other students remains. This would help to make designers less apprehensive with the material world...
Extract from the introduction to the workshop by Manuel Raeder.