‘No puedes comer todo el pastel en 6 dias!’ Vol. II
Mexico-Excursion (Re-)presentation

with works by Viktor Díaz, Nele Faust,  Lisa Ertel, Sophie Lichtenberg, Marlene Oeken, Sonja Rogova, Sara Maria Rojas, Anja Ruschival, Carlo Siegfried, Ezequiel Ruiz Teran, Anne Tönsmann and Maxim Weirich

Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 6 am – 6 pm, Lichthof 3
1 pm Comida – International Soup


‘You can't eat the whole cake in 6 days!’

This term a group of students from the departments of product design and scenography and exhibition design made the attempt to explore Mexico, its exhibition practices and the correlation of crafts and daily life products. After exhibiting ‘No puedes comer todo el pastel en 6 dias!’ at center of the arts CASA, Etla/Mexico, we’d like to announce the second part of the exhibition, which takes place this Wednesday at HfG. It is not meant to be a local transfer but rather a further processing of the things seen and experienced. 

The excursion to Mexico City and Oaxaca took place form 21st November until 8th December 2014 and has been organized by the designer Manuel Raeder living in Berlin and Mexico City and professors BLESS and Anja Dorn. We would like to cordially thank Manuel Raeder for the concept, the fantastic travel program, his trust and the good collaboration. For the overwhelming hospitaltity, generosity, support and the possibility to work and exhibit in CASA we would like to thank Francisco Toledo, Lourdes Báez, Alelí Hernández, Sara Lopez Ellitsgaard, César Espinoza and Centro das Artes San Augustín, Etla. Furthermore we would like to thank all craftsmen, curators and friends in Mexico City and Oaxaca who gave us an insight into their work, among them Paola Santoscoy, Mauricio Marcina (both El Ecco), Mariana Castillo Deball, Regina Pozo (Archivo di Disegno), Amelia Hinojosá (Kurimanzutto), Rodolfo Samperio, Isadora Hastings, Alonso Aguilar Orihuela (IAGO), Daniel Brena (Centro Photographico Oaxaca) and especially Claudio Jerónimo López Cedillo and Javier García García who worked with the students on some of the objects for the exhibition in Mexico and Pedro and Luisa Lopez who generously made their construction site and their kitchen available for us. We would also like to thank Peter Sloterdijk, Kathrin Schwalb, Volker Albus, Heike Schuppelius and Uwe Bodirsky from the University of arts and design Karlsruhe.  And of course we also thank Katharina Cameron, Marco Antonio Canseco, Fátima Díaz García, Laura Juárez, Alfonso Morales, Bruno G. Salinas Vasquez und Carlos Vasquez, who took part in the excursion, the workshop and the exhibition “No puedes comer todo el pastel in 6 días!”. For their help with our presentation we also thank Wataru Murakami, David Loscher and Andrés Nuño de Buen.